I know that I can talk about anything and feel comfortable and safe

Perhaps you are feeling down, not getting on with your family or have questions about your sexuality.

Maybe you just want someone to talk to or share your problems with.

If you are having a tough time then talking about it could really help.

Our counselling service provides a safe and confidential environment where you can speak to a friendly face about any problems that you might have; no matter how big or small.

What can counselling help with?

There are lots of things that can cause problems which can include:

  • Not getting on with people at home
  • Parents splitting up or having new partners
  • Relationship worries
  • Problems at school
  • Questions about sexuality
  • Not getting on with friends
  • Problems with drugs or alcohol
  • Eating disorders, self-harm or depression.
Counselling was liberating, it became easier to talk about topics that you normally wouldn’t

How does counselling work?

Counselling gives you the time and space to explore any issues you are dealing with.

A counsellor will listen and respect your point of view and help you think of ways to cope. Counselling can help you to understand  the problems and difficulties you may be having.

Counselling can help you to look at things in a different way; thinking differently can help you feel differently. You may feel stronger and the difficult things may not get you down as much anymore.

Even though a counsellor may not be able to change things, it may help you to talk and get support.

Many people after having counselling at Key say they feel happier and more able to cope with their problems.

Our counsellors will not tell anybody that you have been to see them or what you have discussed.

I can be myself in counselling

How do I get counselling?

Counselling is offered from our Leyland Office.

If you are interested in arranging some sessions then please contact us.

To refer yourself for counselling, please complete our referral form and email it to help@keyyouthcharity.org.uk

Anyone can get in touch if they think they would benefit from counselling but priority will be given to:

  • Young people aged between 16 and 25
  • Anyone already accessing one of Key's other services.

If you just want to call for a chat then you can contact us on 01772 678979.