Every two years Key consults with our stakeholders to get their feedback regarding how Key are performing, “do we deliver what we say we will? Do we provide a quality service to those we support? Do the staff team perform in a professional manner? and other important questions.

The survey was conducted via survey monkey, Key had 31 responses from organisations/individuals we work with and commissioners than fund our contracts. Stakeholder engagement is essential to ensure Key is delivering quality services which are accessible to those who need them.

I have picked out some key points from the survey, please feel free to look at the complete report in the publications section of our website:

  1. The survey identified that 78% of stakeholders have been working with Key for at least two years or more, indicating a significant level of belief and trust in Key.
  2. 93% of stakeholders who responded have contact with Key on a monthly basis, over 50% of those either weekly or a few times a month.
  3. When asked the question “Does Key communicates well with you” 92% either strongly agree or agree.
  4. When asked the question “Are Key a provider of quality services)100% either strongly agree or agree.
  5. From our projects that support people with homelessness or to return/remain at home, 89% of respondents agreed that Key were instrumental in preventing homelessness.
  6. Key continue to support and empower those that use our services to reach their potential, 93% of respondents felt that Kay are instrumental in supporting people in reaching their potential.
  7. Key helps people to build their confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing, using a range of assets based approaches, 92% of respondents felt that Key supported people in this way
  8.  96% of respondents felt that Key’s work strengthened families.