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How do I make a Complaint, Comment or Suggestion?




Key wants to know if you are happy or unhappy with the service you received or the staff member you dealt with. All comments, suggestions, and complaints help us to ensure you get the service you need. This applies to both positive and negative feedback; we also like to know when things have gone well and not so well.

We try to give the best service possible but we know sometimes things can go wrong, if they do, please let us know so we can put things right, this will also help us to improve the service we offer.


How do I do this?

  1. Talk to the person you have been dealing with; we do find most complaints can be dealt with by talking.
  2. If you feel unable to do this, please contact Key’s Operations Manager, David Nuttall either by email or phone 01772 678979.


  • Key aims to provide the best possible service at all times and actively encourages feedback in the form of compliments, suggestions or complaints.
  • Key will ensure that feedback is dealt with speedily as possible and consistently.
  • Key has a Feedback Policy, if you would like to see this please request one.


Professional Boundaries

All Key staff should support you safely and professionally.  This includes what staff should and shouldn’t do, called ‘Professional Boundaries’. Professional Boundaries are there to protect you and our staff. They are important as we may visit you at home, school, and various locations, often alone and in private.


It is important that you know the things our staff should not do:

  • Take or borrow money from you, give or lend you money
  • Accept or give gifts (staff can accept small gifts in some circumstances, please ask the staff member for more information)
  • Have a personal relationship with you; this includes being friends or having a sexual relationship.
  • Meet or contact you outside working hours
  • Ask you to sign things you don’t understand
  • Take control of things you can do yourself
  • ‘Personal Care’ services, like washing or dressing


Are you worried about someone else? Would you like to tell somebody about your concerns?

If you are worried about someone else you can discuss this with a member of staff or report this to Lancashire County Council Social Care or the Police. If you need support to do this please ask.

Contact details:

Lancashire County Council Social Care: 0300 1236720

Police: Emergency 999, non-emergency 101

Childline: 020 78252505