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Healthy Relationships in Schools

Healthy Relationships in Schools

Key is one of the partners delivering the Healthy Relationships programme across schools in Lancashire to Year 5 & 6 in primary schools and years 7-11 in high schools.


Key covers Chorley & South Ribble areas.


The healthy relationship programme is delivered in small groups covering specific themes or topics and tailored to the needs and ages of the children.


The programme covers:


  • What is domestic abuse?
  • Feelings and behaviours
  • Gender, power and equality
  • Digital and social media
  • What is stalking?
  • Head, heart and hands.


All sessions are delivered in a trauma informed way and workers liaise with the schools before delivery to ensure safe working practices and to understand the needs of the children and young people in school.


If you want to explore how Key can support your school, please contact us.