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Important notice for Universal Credit Claimants

Important notice for Universal Credit Claimants

Universal Credit Claimants, the amount of credit you are receiving is changing.

The ‘Standard Allowance’ element in your Universal Credit Claim was increased by £20.00 per week, equal to £86.66 per month, at the start of the lockdown last year.  It was initially set to be in place for a year and was then extended for a further 6 months until the end of September 2021


Despite calls for a further extension, it is looking like this lifeline - that has helped so many - will be removed as planned, meaning that the majority of Universal Credit claimants will then see a reduction in their Universal Credit payments from October 2021

When will I first see the drop?

From the Monthly Assessment Period (MAP) which ends on or after 6th October 2021, the extra £20 per week / £86.66 per month will end. Universal Credit awards will reduce to the normal, lower, standard allowance.  This means that Universal Credit payments made from 13 October 2021 will have been calculated using the lower monthly ‘standard allowance’ rates as follows:


£257.33 - single claimant under 25
£324.84 - single claimant age 25+
£403.93 - couple both under 25
£509.91 - couple one or both age 25+.

Any MAP which ends on or before 5th October should still include the higher amount.’