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Key Unlocking Futures



Kate shares her blog on how positive changes to your thoughts can mean positive changes to your overall wellbeing too.

The power of positivity.

How often do you wake up in the morning and have a negative thought?


Researchers have found that cortisol levels are at their highest in the first hour of wakening for people with increased levels of stress in their lives, this explains why you may experience an increase in anxiety in the morning. Generally most of us wake up and think negatively and think about the hard tasks for the day ahead, the weather, money and work.


I have previously challenged my clients to list three things that they are most grateful for or looking forward to that day, results have shown that after a few days of practising this they felt more positive for the day. For example, I am grateful for my health, for having a safe place to sleep, I am looking forward to spending time with a loved one, or achieving that goal at work. If we focus on these positives we will gradually build new neural pathways sending more positive messages to your brain to adapt a more optimistic attitude.


The benefits to positive thinking are that it helps with stress management during hardships and can improve your health such as reduced cardiovascular disease. The psychological benefits to positive thinking are you will have more energy and be more self-confident.


Do you give your thoughts power?


You cannot control the thoughts that arrive in your mind, but the part you can control is what you do with those thoughts once they appear.


Thoughts are not facts, they are a mixture of opinions, judgements, stories, memories, interpretations and predictions about the past, present and future. Unfortunately the brain takes shortcuts and makes guesses, as a wonderful therapist and mentor told me, challenge them thoughts and look at the evidence!


Take a few minutes to give yourself a positive self-talk, what are you proud of? Or you could spend some time around another positive person, have an inspirational talk with them. It is proven that daily positive self-talk to yourself or with another can give you inspiration and the boost to accomplish your goals. Use this document to help with positive thinking.


Is your glass half empty or half full? Or are you just grateful that you have a glass?


Go on why don't you give it a go click here for help to put it into practice.